TheRedBear : Top 100 Size Torrents

 8TB Drive »Games Pc8 Months2.69 TB13819
 My Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) Collection »Misc Other11 Months2.64 TB3120
 CAD »Misc Other6 Months1.98 TB1330
 GOG Collection »Misc Other6 Months1.96 TB1313
 Movies »Misc Other10 Months1.68 TB478
 [full2]롬 모음집 »Misc Other7 Months1.57 TB8644
 애니 »TV Shows9 Months1.49 TB3636
 IBM - PC compatible (Europe-DVD) »Misc Other11 Months1.43 TB7411
 ITPro.TV »TV Shows10 Months1.42 TB4921
 Good Old Games (GOG) Colossal Collection - 1,200+ DRM Free Games - October 29th, 2015 »Misc Other11 Months1.41 TB8940
 Part 3 »Games Pc1 Year1.34 TB363
 Microsoft Windows Collection »Software8 Months1.33 TB750
 SPN »Misc Other9 Months1.30 TB6444
 System roms »Misc Other8 Months1.29 TB4847
 [Magazines & Books] »Misc Other10 Months1.28 TB14923 - Siterip - Duerr993 »Misc Other11 Months1.27 TB872
  leech »Misc Other3 Months1.24 TB14873
 manual »Misc Other6 Months1.24 TB5913
 IBM - PC compatible (Non-Europe-CD) »Misc Other6 Months1.23 TB13045
 djmixes collection by »Misc Other4 Months1.22 TB440198
 System roms »Software1 Year1.21 TB12540
 fall11 whole.tar »Misc Other9 Months1.19 TB10318
 Penthouse Siterip Part 1 [SINM] »TV Shows10 Months1.18 TB3838
 SUPERNATURAL SEASONS 1-10 BDRemux 1080p by Stiles RG SerialS »Misc Other1 Year1.17 TB347
 Formula 1 - 1978 to 2015 »Misc Other3 Months1.14 TB18623
 Part 4 »Misc Other7 Months1.13 TB11741
 HP Notebook System Recovery KIT »Misc Other1 Year1.11 TB7049
 lynda »Misc Other8 Months1.10 TB1232
 System roms »Misc Other10 Months1.09 TB9511
 ACGN Hunting Project V1.0 20140101 beta »Misc Other1 Year1.08 TB8522
 HGame pack »Misc Other8 Months1.08 TB696
 [WEBHD独家]M1905电影网付费电影采集 第一弹(截至2017.06.01) [email protected]EBHD »Misc Other9 Months1.07 TB2820
 JAV.A-K »Music Mp39 Months1.07 TB13424
 Ultimate Kids Movies Pack HD V2-PULSAR »Misc Other1 Month1.05 TB15679
 Formula 1 - 1978 to 2014 »Misc Other10 Months1.03 TB10632
 Formula 1 - 1978 to 2014 »Misc Other11 Months1.03 TB491
 Nintendo 3DS + DLC »Misc Other11 Months1.02 TB8612
 TUTTO VERDI 1 27 »Misc Other9 Months1.01 TB10637
 Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) (M-Z) (20130125) »Misc Other8 Months1.00 TB1510
 Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) (M-Z) (20130125) »Misc Other1 Month1.00 TB24653
 Sony - PlayStation 2 »Misc Other10 Months0.99 TB1321
 Part 2 »Misc Other1 Year0.98 TB6529
 Collection of 2403 decrypted 3DS ROMs »Software9 Months0.98 TB1428
 eroshare archive packed »Books10 Months0.98 TB1206
 SANIC HEGEHOD 4TH EDITION »Misc Other1 Month0.98 TB12238
 追憶の殺神@1314520 »Misc Other11 Months993.87 GB14939
 인물 »Misc Other6 Months993.56 GB541
 TeenDreams »XXX Porn11 Months990.87 GB9945
 【Microsoft】 »Software8 Months990.38 GB12645
 6 tb directory (Ps2 files only) »Misc Other8 Months968.58 GB1056
 Wii NTSC-U »Misc Other1 Year958.39 GB13137
 IMDB TOP250 (NO45-NO68) movies collection Blu-Ray package 3 »Misc Other6 Months955.85 GB8020
 Hyperspin Roms - Part 3 »Misc Other2 Months955.62 GB21568
 [] Librusec-all-arch »TV Shows10 Months954.54 GB12919
 Movies »Movies7 Months954.48 GB289
 【Microsoft】 »Software10 Months943.54 GB13710
 Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) (#-L) (20130125) [] »Misc Other1 Year924.67 GB4633
 [full2]롬 모음집 2탄 »Misc Other4 Months922.51 GB436299
 Sony - PlayStation 2 »Misc Other1 Month910.41 GB23769
 StarGate Atlantis.Remux.Blu-Ray »Misc Other8 Months897.12 GB6210
 Part 1 - Hyperspin 5TB Arcade Root portion.7z »Movies8 Months885.10 GB11213
 Savichev 2Tb »Misc Other7 Months872.67 GB6414
 gog-18.0.0-shuffled-clean.hdf5 »Misc Other8 Months867.91 GB1934
 all »Misc Other10 Months867.16 GB1427
 DVDISO »Misc Other1 Year864.31 GB924
 LOST.1-6.Seasons.2004-2010.MPEG-4.Blu-Ray.Remux.1080p »TV Shows2 Months853.35 GB21073
 System roms »Misc Other6 Months851.26 GB8830
 [] Librusec-all-arch »Games Pc9 Months851.17 GB3636
 Caribbeancom Partial Siterip (720p + 1080p)[2010-2014] »Misc Other11 Months845.42 GB10447
 Sony PlayStation (PAL) [Redump] »TV Shows8 Months842.20 GB9528
 Sony PlayStation (PAL) [Redump] »Misc Other2 Months842.20 GB21149
 水菜麗 »Misc Other10 Months841.39 GB15030
 SANIC HEGEHOD 3RD EDITION »Misc Other10 Months841.17 GB14113
 PRISON BREAK »TV Shows10 Months840.56 GB10330
 Updates folder »Misc Other7 Months835.99 GB2343
 Tokyo Hot n0001-0599 »Misc Other10 Months829.17 GB7425
 HGame pack »Misc Other8 Months826.24 GB2721
 Sony PlayStation (PAL) [Redump] »Misc Other1 Year826.19 GB13037
 Sony PlayStation (PAL) [Redump] »Misc Other9 Months824.90 GB1259
 Documentaries »Software6 Months823.53 GB715
 つぼみ »Misc Other9 Months823.28 GB244
 REDUMP »Misc Other9 Months814.39 GB553
 PSX (Europe) 2014-02-15 »Games Pc6 Months806.63 GB13343
 asl »Misc Other1 Year803.68 GB6321
 Nintendo - GameCube (2018-08-25 20-44-48) (Europe) »Misc Other3 Months803.21 GB17268
 Wii NTSC-U »Software1 Year799.63 GB13017
 fs »Misc Other4 Months798.02 GB801175
 Fairy Tail [TV][BDRemux][2009] »TV Shows8 Months771.72 GB6233
 Visual Novels »Misc Other4 days758.02 GB13
 Sony - PlayStation 2 (NTSC-U) - CompPack »Misc Other8 Months757.85 GB1017
 JULIA »Misc Other9 Months748.15 GB3239
 System roms »Misc Other10 Months747.79 GB13321
 FIFA WC 2010 »Games Pc7 Months746.70 GB12835
 Collection »Misc Other9 Months740.08 GB12723
 PUBA »Misc Other8 Months739.53 GB12226
 Текстовая база ИС «Ёшкин Кот» »Misc Other8 Months737.80 GB13839
 Doctor Who - The Complete Series 1-7 Blu-Ray British Box Set »TV Shows10 Months734.96 GB2015 LODONAS »Misc Other11 Months721.54 GB2042
 Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) [G-O] »Misc Other10 Months717.48 GB1121
 Sony PlayStation 2 (USA) [P-Z] »Games Pc8 Months712.68 GB7429